Patient Portal


First Class Patient Portal that offers a friendly patient experience, decreases staff workload and improves office workflow

  • Encourages patient participation
  • Reduce workload of office staff
  • Flexibility- Allows patient to schedule their appointments
  • Accessibility- Gives patients immediate access to their labs, documents, and test results
  • Patient engagement satisfies Meaningful Use requirements

Fully Integrated the GEMMS Patient Portal enhances office workflow and encourages Patient Self-Service

  • Simplify staff workflow by engaging in online messaging for such things as prescription refills, making appointments, billing questions and other patient inquiries.
  • Greater front office efficiency and improved productivity by engaging the patient in the collection of data using online forms.
  • Higher patient satisfaction achieved when processes are streamlined.

Receive Payments Faster

  • The GEMMS Patient Portal gives patients access to easily pay their bills through a secure payment interface customized by your practice
  • Collect patient payments faster
  • Receive on-line Payments 
  • Eliminate time consuming phone calls by offering on-line bill payment
  • Offers a safe secure way for patients to pay their bill

Improve Patient Experience

  • Simplify the patient registration process
  • Allow your staff to focus on the patient and not on paperwork by allowing patients to fill out their demographic sheet and medical history sheet online
  • Enhances Patient Experience with front office staff
  • Forms are legible

Increase Patient Satisfaction

  • Encourage patient participation.  When patients are engaged in their care the physician/ patient relationship is stronger
  • Invite patients to participate in their healthcare
  • The patient portal provides 24/7 communication with the practice
  • Value Based Patient Experiences will be critical with MIPS and MACRA